It isn’t very often that you can get something for nothing. How about making something awesome that you WILL use for no extra cost? You know when you peel an onion, a carrot, a potato, or have bits and bobs of herbs and those annoying little cloves of garlic that are so small that you can hardly peel them? Oh, yeah, don’t forget the papery skin from the ones you did peel…take all that stuff and put it in a freezer bag. After you have put several meal’s worth of scraps in the freezer and the bag is full (I use a gallon zipper bag; sometimes I also recycle produce bags this way), put it all in a stock pot, cover with water and boil the snot out of it! (No, of course there’s not really gonna be snot…it’s part of my Southern dialect, darlin’…don’t worry about it)
After, oh, about 30-ish minutes, strain it all through a sieve.
You can now put it into containers and freeze or you could can it in a pressure canner (a topic for a future post).
You have just made a tasty veggie stock that you can use as a soup base, cook flavorful rice or anywhere else you would use a stock. There you have it. Somethin’ for nothin’. After you’ve made stock, then you can compost the remains. Make life tasty DIY!