Today is a guest blog post from my pal, Kathleen Sams. I got to know Kathleen a couple of years ago from The Knit and Crochet Show, and we hit it off nearly right away! Kathleen is a very talented and crafty lady, and being around her is SO. MUCH. FUN!!! She is a bundle of energy!

Without further ado, take it away, Kathleen!

Do you remember the big TV cabinets used to hide our massive televisions? The top was usually the large space for the TV and then the lower space housed the VCR, DVD player, stereo and sometimes the CD’s and DVD’s. They became part of the furniture and usually took up a good bit of space. With all the newer flat screen TV’s available today that you can mount to the wall, sit on top of a table, or even on a mantel, these cabinets are no longer necessary.
I’m not one to throw things away just because they aren’t needed, so I moved it to the kitchen and decided to turn it into a dish cabinet. My kitchen needs a complete overhaul and one of things I need is more cabinet space. I’m not ready to redo the entire kitchen yet (even though that is the plan some day).
There was one shelf in the lower portion of this cabinet and one shelf on top. I want to add 2 additional shelves on the top for plates, bowls, cups and stuff.
I ran down to my local Lowe’s store, picked out the wood I wanted to use and they cut it to the length I needed. I did have a saw at home and could have done it myself, but I asked and they said YES.
Never know until you ask. I also picked up shelf pins to hold the board in place.
I measured where I wanted each one to sit, used my trusty drill and made 1/4″ holes. I had to be very careful not to go through the entire side of the cabinet. I drilled just short of how deep each pin would set, then hammered then in so they would stay. holes markeda
Then I just sat the boards on top of the pins and arranged all the dishes I wanted in the cabinet. Easy peasy …. only took about 15 minutes and I had a new dish cabinet. shelvesdonea
You can do it!

Thanks, Kathleen, for sharing how to upcycle a piece of furniture that is slowly becoming out of date into something useful! Now, go make life DIY!