Several years ago, I began collecting old wool garments and over-dying it in new colors. My intent then was to create some old fashioned hooked rugs, and I did experiment with it some. But it was about the same time that I got involved in publishing my crochet designs and was soon quite busy with that.
Recently, my Mom and I decided to participate in a local craft show. In the interest of using up some of my existing craft stash, I got into the wool and started serging up some purses. I found myself needing to dye some of the fabric in some brighter colors. Dying wool is quite easy. I have used natural dyes, professional acid dyes and even Kool-Aid and Easter egg dyes! In this case, I used Jacquard brand acid dyes. I add the dye powder to my water, along with a glug or two of vinegar. I am a very unscientific dyer. Wet the fabric before putting into the dye pot. It is important to note that if you are using a professional dye, that you have dedicated dyepots…in other words, you never, I repeat NEVER, EVER use them for food prep. Cook the fabric at a slow simmer, until the cloth is the
desired color.
Keep in mind that the color will be darker when wet. I then transfer the whole mess to the washing machine, and run it with plain cold water. This will help felt the fabric, then I put it into the dryer. it is now ready to craft with any way you want.
I love giving old things a new life, including myself, as I make life DIY.