Last year, we had a new fence put around the garden. A fence, that at 7 feet tall, is (so far) impervious to the local deer. Since the deer are no longer invited to the buffet, I suggested that we might (finally!) Be able to raise some strawberries. Last year’s plants got burned to some extent by an overzealous application of fertilizer, so we thought we might have to buy some more plants. Fortunately, the survivors sent out more than enough runners, making lots of new strawberry plants. We dug up some of the offspring and spread them around the bed. There were more than enough plants, and Mom will even have some extras to donate to the Master Gardeners plant sale.
To dig them up, use a hand tool to loosen the soil around the roots. Gently reach around the roots, not the stems of the plant, and gently remove it from the soil.


Then dig a hole in the new location. Make sure not to plant the strawberry too deep. You want the “crown”, which is the part where the roots join the stems of the leaves right at soil level. Now water them in. Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get a lot of berries the first year.  In fact, some gardeners will remove the first years blooms in order to encourage better root formation.  We don’t. We just pick the ripe berries and eat ’em! Fresh strawberries. A tasty way to make life DIY!