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The other day I shared with you how I repaired our onion beds. Today, I would like to share how to plant the onions. Now, some folks like to start onions from seed. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if all you are after is green onions, might be the way to grow them. But we like to get a head start, and we are going for big, beautiful onions in a quantity that will get us mostly through the fall and winter. Onion sets are little green onions you can buy in a bundle.


It’s no big deal to plant them. Just tease the onions apart, make a hole in your nice loose, prepared soil, plug in an onion and gently firm the soil around the baby onion. You should still be able to see a little of the white part above the soil.


Now, give all the onions a little drink, let them rest in their beds and check on them once in awhile. Keep the weeds cleaned out, and come late summer or early fall, they will go to seed. They will send out big globe shaped flowers. Cut them and stick them in a vase, if you like. Shortly after, you will notice the tops kind of wilting and falling over. This will be your cue to pull them out of the ground. But I’ll talk more about harvesting onions in a future post! Whether you garden, paint, knit, crochet, cook or build, enjoy life and make it DIY!