Standing in line at the grocery store last week, I spied this and bought it.
WIN_20140418_065330 (2)
Granted, there are eleventy-billion gluten free recipes online, and while I am an avid e-reader, I still like paper. One of the recipes that caught my eye was the eggplant and red pepper curry. I decided that it was a recipe that would cook just fine in my slow cooker, so before work yesterday I threw it together.
It was a great way to use some of the eggplant in the freezer from the garden last year. You have not yet heard me wax poetic on the many uses of eggplant, which I prefer to call aubergines, the French word for them, as it just sounds so much better. Eggplant just sounds so…well, eggy and planty. It does not adequately represent the tasty versatility that this veggie possesses.
Here I am using my microplane to grate in some fresh frozen ginger. First of all, if you don’t own a microplane, you MUST get one. I am not sure how I cooked for so many years without one. They are awesome. Really. Secondly, I love fresh ginger, but if I keep it in the fridge, I can’t use it all before it goes bad. I hate wasting food, so I started throwing the root in the freezer. Know what I discovered? It actually grates better frozen than not!
I love opening the door when the slow cooker is doing its thing. You walk in and immediately the smell makes you glad to be home. I cooked up some brown rice and dished some of the curry over it. It was pretty good, and I will definitely make it again, but will probably tweak the spices a bit, as I would have preferred it a little more curry tasting. If you eat gluten free and find this mag at the grocery store, you might wanna check it out. The pizza on the front is made with a cauliflower crust, and it is high on the must try list! Have a happy Friday and make life DIY!