To all my friends who celebrate Easter, have a joyous celebration! To all of my friends and readers who celebrate the Passover, the same wishes and blessings for you. I am starting my day quietly with some al fresco knitting and coffee. This is a chemo hat for a friend of a friend. I am knitting prayers for health, well being and recovery into every stitch.

I don’t want to wax too far on the negative effects of cancer on this day, but I have personally seen what cancer can do. So believe that my prayers for this lady, who I do not know and will likely never meet, are very heartfelt and sincere. If there is one thing cancer taught me, it’s to love the people who are most important to you, but also to let them know how much they mean to you. Don’t just assume that they know. Don’t be stingy with a smile and a hug.
I began this blog and call it make life DIY, not just because I am a DIY maniac (which I am), but I wanted a title that would state exactly what I am doing after having to pick up the pieces of a broken life and a shattered heart, and trying to put them back together, to make life, on my own terms. I hope this post does not feel so much like a downer as encouragement for you to spend some time in reflection on this day. Realize what a blessing life is, and how truly fragile it is. How will you make life?