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Last year we harvested a load of sweet potatoes. There were a couple that were nearly as big as my head! There were also a few smaller taters, so Mom decided she would try her hand at raising our slips this year instead of buying them. In this way, we can conceivably have an endless supply of sweet potatoes and never have to buy starts again. How’s that for economical? Turns out that it isn’t very hard.
Step 1, stick the root end of the potato (yes, there is an up end and a down end; the end that was attached to the plant is the up end. There should be a small scar.) into a jar of water. Here, Mom has them in a west facing window. She is also growing some in a north facing window.
Step 2, after the growth gets 3-4 inches tall, break it off where it joins the potato and place the slips into another jar of water.
After roots form on the slips, pot them into small containers in a quality potting soil. Keep them watered and safe until ready to plant.
You should harden them off before putting them into the garden. In other words, introduce them slowly to being outside, especially if the nights are still cool. After about a week to a week and a half of hardening off, they should be ready to plant. Endless sweet potatoes; a sweet and tasty way to make life DIY!