Mom and I have a standing date every Sunday evening to get together to eat and watch TV. One or both of us are usually stitching at the same time. Last night I made seared tuna steaks and a wonderful rice pilaf, that could have been a meal all by itself. I combined this

With a small packet of wild rice that was in the freezer (probably about a quarter cup), with some jasmine rice. The total amount of dry rice cooked was two cups. Cook that up in four cups of water or stock. Meanwhile, chop up some green onions, orange bell pepper, matchstick some carrots, and add in some mushrooms. I had scored some brown beech mushrooms at my local whole food grocery, The Truck Patch in Mt. Home, Arkansas.


Sizzle all the veggies in a high quality olive oil. I love anything made ny Raimondo Winery. For this I used the roasted garlic olive oil. Raimondo’s also has a fabulous line of balsamic vinegars as well as wines. The Truck Patch carries a line of Raimondo’s products.

Add the rice in, cook a bit longer with all the veggies. Season with a little soy sauce and black pepper.
Serve it up! By itself as a meal or as an accompaniment with other entrees, it is a yummy way to make life DIY!