Okay, I know that title holds little appeal right now, when we are setting new records for high temps here in the South. I mentioned in this post that I had spun up some yarn while at last week’s craft show, but I have not yet shared that with you. I bought a pound of Ashland Bay Merino and silk roving from a friend at a spin-in last year. I bought that much so that I would have enough to make something substantial; more than just a scarf or mittens. I originally thought I would make a shawl. This shows the roving along with the yarn being knit up. This close up shot helps you appreciate just how many colors are in this fiber.
Any time I spin a fiber, especially one like this, I am always amazed at how different it looks when spun into yarn. Then it looks different again when it is crocheted or knitted up. This transformation never gets old for me.
(The yarn bowl is my early Mother’s Day present!)
I am knitting the Elisbeth Cardi by Bonnie Marie Burns. I spent quite a bit of time deciding what to make with this yarn. Elisbeth has a nice mix of cables and simple knitting that looks much more difficult than it really is. By the time I am done with my Elisbeth, the fiber will have passed through my hands at least four, in some cases, five times. This is why I spent so much time looking for something to make. I know I will wear this. When you put as much time and energy into making something, you want to be sure that it will be used. So while I may not need the warmth right now, I am hoping that I will be nearly done in time to wear my cardi when the weather does cool off. How are you making your weekend? I hope you make life DIY!