What do you do when you are knitting or crocheting with a beautiful handspun wool yarn and you want to use every precious inch? You spit splice, of course! This works with most animal based fibers that have not been specially treated to be washed in the washing machine.
First, you need some water (or spit. You decide) and the two ends of yarn that need to be joined. Fluff the ends of the yarn to create more surface area…


Wet the ends of the yarn, overlap the ends of the yarn and lay them across one palm…


Lay the other hand on top and rub vigorously back and forth until the ends become felted together. Periodically check the join by pulling on the ends. When they are solidly joined, resume stitching, knowing you now have two less ends to weave in.

You’re welcome. Now get out there and make life DIY,