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I love peppers, of any kind. I am the gal that always asks for pepper sauce at the table. Yep, that’s me.

I especially love roasting peppers; chili’s, poblanos, bells, you name it. It’s really quite easy. Just wash your peppers, place them on a baking sheet and spray a little oil on them. I use some olive oil in my mister. Place them under the broiler on a low setting and keep a close eye on them.

Broil them until the skin begins to turn black. That’s right; use a pair of tongs to rotate the little darlin’s until they are roasty all over.

Take them out and either put them into a paper bag or put them in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Wait about 30 minutes and take the peppers out and the peeling will come right off. Now you can stuff them or make a lovely roasted red pepper soup, which is what I did. But that’s a post for another day. Make your day and life DIY!
P.S. There will be a lot of liquid that comes off of the peppers. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! Especially if you are going to make soup. There’s a lot of flavor in that there juice, and even if you aren’t making soup right now, put it in a little container in the freezer and use it when you make something for nothing stock! You can thank me later!