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I hope ya’ll didn’t think that I had fallen off of the face of the Earth. I have been vacationing in Port Aransas, Texas, with family all last week. We got back home on Sunday (at least Mom and I did), and I was just relaxing on Sunday and did not have to go back to work until today. Unfortunately, I seem to have eaten something Monday which VIOLENTLY disagreed with me. But enough about that; I will spare you the gory details. Because of that, I was a bit under the weather until this morning, so I am back up and blogging. It rained nearly all week here in the Ozarks while we were down at the beach, so the garden and the yard were jungles when we returned. I managed to get the grass mowed after work today, but Sunday after getting back, we had to run out and see what effect all the rain had on the garden. What I found were garlic scapes!


I ended up with 2 one gallon buckets. I decided we would have some sautéed scapes with dinner, so I trimmed the tips off…


And sautéed them in a hot skillet with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. They were quite tasty!


I lived most of my life not knowing about scapes…I only learned about preparing and eating them a couple of years ago. I have enough left to make garlic scape pesto. But that’s for another post! Do you have a favorite way to prepare garlic scapes? Let me know about it, and keep making life DIY!