This weeks Corner View theme is very fitting, for I received a gift in the mail on Friday…but not just any gift…
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou will note that I have obliterated my actual address, for obvious reasons, but this package came from France.

Nearly two years ago, I agreed to take part in a blogger’s circle, where all of the bloggers who participated in Corner View, could also participate in something called Corner to Corner. You see, one friend, Joanne, sent a tenugui to another friend, Francesca, as a gift. The idea was that a small gift would be wrapped in the cloth and sent to another friend, who would add a tag to the string of tags, exchange another small gift and send it to another friend, and so on. The package has been travelling the world all this time, and now it is at my house!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI enjoyed seeing the tags that have been added, and Elsa in France sent me a sign for my kitchen as well as a little coffee cup magnet. So cute! Thanks, Elsa! Now my task is to send it on to Tania in Germany, with another small gift for her. The tenugui has about 12 more stops to complete the circle back to Francesca. Who would have thought that this package would still be travelling the world, two years later, with more travels to go? While I am enjoying the gift from Elsa, the real gift that I enjoy is being able to share my corner of the world with this wonderful group of bloggers. While I have not been as faithful with Corner Viewing as I once was (a situation I am trying to rectify!), they have always been a community of friends that I can share with. Most of us may never meet in person, but through reading their blogs, I have received a gift of friendship that I am so very grateful for. I hope that you will check out some of the other bloggers corner views…and make life DIY!

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