So I promised a post having to do with something I harvested yesterday. One of the things I harvested A LOT of was basil. My favorite thing to do is to make and freeze pesto. In the depth of the cold Ozark winter, I can toss some pesto on my potatoes, pasta or whatever, and I am transported momentarily to summer, where everything is green and growing.

I picked the leaves off of the stems yesterday and refrigerated them until this evening. I blended Raimondo’s Manzanilla EVOO with walnuts and the washed and spun dry basil along with some garlic scrapes I had been saving for pesto making as well.

I use a Wonder Cup measuring cup to measure out 1 ounce portions onto a cookie sheet. I then freeze the pesto “cookies” on the sheet. When they are solid, I put them into a gallon freezer bag.

Because the “cookies” are so thin, they thaw in no time when tossed into a pot of hot pasta. I wait to add salt and Parmesan at that time, rather than do so when the pesto is made; that way I can adjust to taste. A taste of summer for the middle of winter, or whenever!