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Some while back, I purchased a pound of Ashland Bay roving from a friend who is a dealer. It was the color way “Diablo”. I purchased that much because I wanted to make something substantial with it, not just a scarf, or mittens or socks. I was originally thinking, “Shawl”, but as those of you who are also yarn whisperers know, the yarn did not want to be a shawl. It wanted to be a cardigan when it grew up. After a long Ravelry search, it whispered, “That one…I want to be an Elisbeth cardigan!”. And so our journey began.

We agreed that it had to be short sleeved, as is am rather hot-natured. It had to have shaping, but not too much. Cables were a plus. This delightful knit from Bonnie Marie Burns’ Chic Knits has sailed merrily along with my handspun yarn, which believe it or not, swatches to gauge with the recommended size needles! All I have left now is to pick up the sleeve stitches and the stitches for the shawl collar. Here is what it looks like now, after a steaming to make picking up 171 stitches just a little easier.

I can hardly wait for fall, ya’ll! As for the yarn? I have to spin a little more to finish my Elisbeth, but the yarn is sighing contentedly, as it is very nearly all grown up!
Do you handspin? What have you made with your yarn? I would love to see it here at Make Life DIY!