With all the focus lately on the tomatoes I have been harvesting and preserving, I have been amiss with all the other yummy veggies we have been picking. I planted (as I do every year) several varieties of chilis. This year I have Slim Jim, Anaheim and a pepper that was supposed to be a poblano, but does not look quite like a poblano, except for the deep green color. So the Slim Jims and the Anaheims are making some nice peppers. What do I like to do with the peppers, you ask? My favorite treatment is to make chili rellenos. So to preserve them for mid-winter Mexican feasts, you have to roast, peel and freeze the peppers.

I put the clean peppers on a baking sheet and mist them with a little olive oil.

Put them under the broiler on a low setting. Keep a close eye on them, because they can burn quickly. Your goal here is to “blister” the skin in order to remove the outer peeling. This is how they should look after roasting. Put them into a closed container and let them sweat for about 15 minutes. Then use a paring knife to lift the skin off of the peppers and peel it right off. I like to wrap mine in little bundles of two or three and put all of the bundles into a large freezer bag and freeze.

There are more peppers in the garden, just waiting to get big enough to be put away for future meals. I suppose I shall need to create a post on how my family prepares chili rellenos. Make your Wednesday DIY!