My “real job” has been keeping me pretty busy of late, so haven’t posted in awhile. With all of the produce I have had sitting around, I have noticed a fair number (okay, a lot!) of fruit flies in the house. I have put all the produce away and was ready to “bomb” the house to kill everything that crawls, creeps, flies and buzzes, but I really hate the thought of fogging my living environment with poison, especially as my allergies and a cold have compromised my respiratory system. So I saw online where if you put a drop of dish soap into a small container with about a half cup of Apple cider vinegar, the greedy little buggers will swoop down to glut themselves and drown. Supposedly this happens because the soap decreases the surface tension of the vinegar. It sounds plausible, but I thought I would go one better and put it into a bottle trap, just in case some of them didn’t fall in and drown. I cut the top off the bottle, put the vinegar solution in and inverted the top into the base of the bottle.

I will keep ya’ll posted on how it works! Make life DIY!