So last week I had what I thought was raging allergies, which gave way to the realization that I had a cold. Still, I began to feel a little better, but had a racking cough that I just couldn’t shake. So after muddling through a VERY long Monday at work, (whilst consuming an ENTIRE BAG of Ricola cough drops), I rushed to Mt. Home, some 30 miles away, to the walk in clinic, only to be told,”Sorry. We just closed”, I let the Boss know that I had to seek medical attention this morning. So, fortunately I did get a local clinic closer to home to work me in. After being strong and trying not to cave to whatever plague this was, the nurse practitioner took a listen to the old bagpipes and said, “You have pneumonia.”
Wow. Suddenly I felt very validated to cave in and truly feel like crap. To say I might even wallow a bit in my malady would not be too far from the mark. At any rate, one breathing treatment, two shots in the butt, a Z-pack and a handy bottle of codeine-laced cough syrup later, I am back home, resting in my easy chair. I would love to lie down, but last night, the only way I got ANY sleep was propped up in bed, because lying down incited such coughing spasms, there was no way sleep was going to happen like that. Not being very good at sitting still doing nothing, feeling crappy not withstanding, I decided to attack a UFO.
No, not an unidentified flying object. To knitters and crocheters, a UFO stands for unfinished object. I have had these socks on the needles for longer than I care to admit, the second sock only lacking a toe. I could not find the blue yarn to make a matching blue toe, but had some nice white with a silver thread. But I decided to duplicate stitch a heart, for added interest. One down. I am not gonna say how many more to go. Excuse me while I get some more cough syrup.

Now to go find another UFO. Stay healthy, ya’ll, and Make Life DIY!