Ya’ll, I have been in a slump. It’s hard to explain. I have been eating too much and not moving enough, and the evidence is showing in how tight my clothes are getting. It is time to rein it in. Toward that effort, I came home last night and did an hour of yoga. I always feel so much better, physically, mentally and emotionally, after I have done yoga. And tonight, I came home and had a wonderful vegan meal. Southwestern stuffed sweet potatoes, which you can find here. We just dug the sweet potatoes out of the garden a week or so ago, so we have plenty of those. I feel like I scored bonus points, because I had everything to make them without going to the store. I was lacking cumin, but I decided I would toss in a couple three tablespoons of my homemade salsa instead. This was awesome! And I have enough to take to work tomorrow for lunch. I work really hard during the garden season to grow and preserve food for the rest of the year, so it feels good knowing that I am eating clean, healthy and wholesome. Maybe that’ll get me out of this funk. It can’t hurt.