So, since I am currently unemployed and planning a trip to Ireland, I am watching my pennies in other areas. One of the benefits of being a gardener/canner/preserver is that there is always something good to eat. For some time I have considered that I should try to live a much as I can on the food that I have grown, frozen and canned. Now seems like it would be a really apropos time. So today I rummaged around and found some gluten free spaghetti, cooked it with some asparagus that I just picked this morning and dressed the whole thing with some pesto from the freezer.


It was quite tasty. While rummaging in the freezer, I pulled out a bag with some crawfish, potatoes, onions and corn that I brought home from a friend’s recent crawfish boil, so guess what I am having for supper? Also in the freezer was a tube of ground lamb that needs to be cooked. I will combine it with rice, quinoa and some herbs and spices and make stuffed bell peppers from the whole peppers I froze last summer. I will very likely top that off with homemade tomato sauce from the tomato juice I canned last summer. Wonder what the rich and employed folks are eating? Just keepin’ it real, while I make life DIY, ya’ll!