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Yesterday as I was mowing Mom’s yard, I noticed the gooseberries were ready. As soon as I finished mowing, I headed to the patch to start picking. Optimistically, I brought a bucket for the sour cherries, too, as I had noticed a few days ago that the birds were hitting them pretty hard. Alas, they had cleaned out the cherries. But I did pick a little better than half a gallon of gooseberries.  Enough for a pie later. Or two.


I love being able to be at home. This practice retirement is really setting well with me.
Also, I got a little surprise from the UPS  man the other day. Red Heart sent out a blogger’s package. There are two new yarns and a nifty tote bag. There is even an offer to help sponsor a giveaway of Red Heart products, but more on that in a future post. Just as a teaser, you can take a peek.


Oh yeah, knitting and coffee.
Also,  on the “What did you make from the freezer today?” front today, I thawed some roasted chilis  and stuffed them with some cheese and had a chili relleno fritatta for brunch.


In a bit I plan on going to town and walking a few miles to get ready for my big adventure in Ireland. Happy Sunday, and make life DIY!