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I decided to harvest turnip, beet and mustard greens this morning for supper. I have been informed by several friends North of the Mason – Dixon line that they weren’t even aware you can eat these! Also, I have had it confirmed that the peppered vinegar we Southerners embellish these tasty greens with, while a staple down here, is pretty much unknown in Northern cuisine. Mom and I both make our own.


One has to pick a LOT of greens to make a decent mess of greens.


Here’s the pot before cooking. Too full, you say?


Here’s the same pot after everything cooks down. Nope, I didn’t take anything out. It’s all in there. As to pot liquor, this is the resulting magical liquid that results when you simmer the greens down with some onion, garlic, ham, salt and pepper. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can sub some liquid smoke in for the ham. Don’t toss this out. You should have cornbread with your mess o’greens. Butter that stuff up. When you are done eating the peppered vinegared greens, crumble that cornbread up in that liquid. Eat it. Really, you don’t know what you’re missing. Try it out, and make life DIY!