So I know I haven’t blogged in awhile. Between starting a new job, trying to write a new pattern collection and just generally trying to find a new groove, blogging has been the least of my worries.

It has been nearly a month since my best friend found out she has breast cancer. We have all been trying to rally around her, doing what we can. While we can hold her hand on this journey, she is the one who has to walk it. I have known this woman for well over 30 years, yet we are true friends now; in school we were friendly, but not really friends. The same is true of the other two ladies that we hike with. Together, we form a posse, as we like to call ourselves. In the historical sense of a posse, we fight for truth, justice and to defend each other against the evil in this world.

This past week, I was also told by a friend of over 13 years, a friend that I thought would be in my life forever, that I was not holding up my end of the friendship. She was tired of all the one-sided friendships she had and didn’t need any more. This was after me sending her two emails inviting her to lunch. I had found out from a mutual acquaintance that she had been very ill, and so when I didn’t get a response to the first email, I sent her another, explaining that I had heard she had not been well and offered to help in some way. I suggested that I could bring her some meals. The response I got back set me back on my heels. There were lots of times I offered to help her around her house, with yard work, etc. Fiercely independent, she always turned me down. There were many handmade gifts given to her for birthdays and Christmases, which she reciprocated. I also knew I could give her nice things I had made because I knew she would value and care for them. Gifting something I have spent a lot of time on is one of my ways of showing people I care about how much I care. It is less about the thing than it is to say, “I cared enough to take the time to create something special for you.” It is just how my little maker’s heart and head are wired. After considering what my friend had to say, I realized that there may have been things I could have done better. But to end the friendship? I am still reeling some, but all I could do was wish her well and a return to health.

So, then on Friday, I came home after a long, tough work week to find a box in my mailbox. I hadn’t ordered anything that I could recall. Upon opening the package, I found this:

It was from Lee Smith, the winner of Mary Jane Hall’s book, Colorful Crochet Lace that I gave away here on the blog. Lee crocheted the lavender-filled heart. Her note was like a balm to my bruised ego and soul. Thank you, Lee, for the unexpected kindness. You have no idea how nice it was to receive your gift.

I hope you are all well. Love your friends, make amends where you can and if you can find some time, make the world a little better place by doing something nice for someone, and make life diy.