With the forecast of 20 degrees Fahrenheit last night, I went into a flurry of activity yesterday. Lawnmower winterized? Check. Root crops pulled from the garden? Check. Cut some parsley and cutting celery for the freezer? Check.

The root crops included turnips, carrots and beets. There was one…interesting carrot…

I love all veggies, (except maybe Lima beans) but of all the root crops, I have a special fondness for beets. Especially pickled beets. My Mom couldn’t make enough pickled beets when I was a kid. Now that I am grown, I make my own.

The lovely ruby red color, the zesty spices, the overall yumminess of cracking open a jar of summer in the dead of winter. How could you not love pickled beets? I am staying cozied down by the wood fire while my jars process. There will probably be knitting going on, too.

 I love this country life! Stay warm, ya’ll, and make life diy!