So, haven’t chatted here in awhile. I went to bed with the sound of sleet and freezing rain beating a steady rhythm on my tin roof. I woke up to this today.

I know you folks up North are probably laughing right about now, but down South, we pretty much shut things down at the mere mention of ice or snow, but especially ice. After checking with my clients, none of them wanted to make the trek in to town to see me, so I have been keeping myself occupied.

I love this pattern! It is so satisfying to watch it develop. I am pretty sure I will keep this piece, rather than putting it up for sale in my new “shoppe”, Atelier Renee’. What’s that, you say? You didn’t know about my shoppe? Here’s a sneak peek.

I am branching out from Crochet Renee’ to Atelier Renee’ in order to embrace ALL the nifty things I make! I have been casting about for some time for a good name. I like Atelier, as it is French for “workshop”. Also, it still rhymes with Renee’! Winning! If you are local and want to go check it out, you can find me smack dab in the center of the Artisans Market at Interiors Marketplace in Mt. Home, Arkansas. Stay tuned, though, as I will be giving my Etsy site a facelift in the very near future! Exciting stuff going on around here. Also, I am making a pot of chicken chili.

 Recipe can be found here. Don’t know how it is going to taste yet, but it smells divine! Stay warm, ya’ll, and make life diy!