So it has been a bit crazy here lately. I have three new crochet books to tell you about today, and I have been making plans of late to embark on a new adventure. The kind folks at F&W have agreed to provide a winning copy of each title (giveaway limited to U.S. And Canadian participants only). So…what would you like to hear about first? My upcoming adventure, or the swag? 

Photos copyright F&W, 2016

Okay, I don’t blame you. We’ll talk about the swag first! 

Up first we have Classic Crochet Blankets. This book features 18 lovely projects in DK, sportweight and worsted weight yarns, all designed by various crochet rock stars. We are talking Kristin Omdahl (I have long been a fan girl of her work!), Ellen Gormley, Doris Chan…and the list goes on! There are designs ranging from the classic back-of-the-couch granny afghan in modern fresh colors to several join-as you-go options for those who hate weaving in hundreds of ends. Yes, please! If blankets are your thing, this is the book for you. If you can’t wait to win a copy, you can click here to buy a copy!

Up next, Kristin Ohdahl’s Continuous Crochet. I want to make. All. The. Things. In. This. Book! (Did I mention I am a fan? I already loved her work years ago, and then I met her, and I have to tell you, she is such a sweetheart and a fellow geek, that meeting her just made me love her work even more! But enough about me…ahem!) As I paged through the projects, with each one I found myself muttering, “Oooooh….I want to make that….and that! Ooooh….look at THAT!” I have been guilty in the past of purchasing crochet books for 2 or 3 patterns, but I love ALL of these patterns! A self-professed hater of weaving in ends, Omdahl explores how to manipulate the yarn in what she calls a “journey of ways to move, meander, join & feature beautiful yarns.” 

Omdahl is well known for designing in finer weight yarns, and that is certainly evident in this title, but there are several projects in sportweight and worsted weight featured here. In total, there are 21 hook-worthy projects here for the discriminating crocheter. Want to buy it now? Click here!

Finally, we have Vintage Modern Crochet, by Robyn Chachula. At first glance, I thought all of the designs were by Robyn, but she has invited several of her stitchy pals to the party! (Even Kristin Omdahl. Did you know I am a fan? 😍)

The designers explore the vintage techniques of pineapple lace, Bruges lace, filet crochet, Irish lace and Tunisian crochet by breathing new life into these techniques. With the use of updated yarns, fibers, colors and playing with different weights, Vintage Modern Crochet lives up to its title. The application of the techniques is true to their history, but applied beautifully and stylishly to the 21st century. If you love vintage (and come on, who doesn’t?) click here to get your copy.

Now, in order to enter for the giveaways to win one of these titles, I am getting creative. In the past, I would only have the entry be official if you leave a comment here on the blog. That still works. But you can enter also by commenting and/or liking the post on my Atelier Renee’ Facebook page, sharing the post on Facebook, or tweeting/retweeting the blog post link on Twitter! Come on folks! This is my biggest giveaway yet! Help me spread the word!

Now, as for me, by this time next week I will be in Juneau, Alaska. I am going to give travel therapy a try. Would I like to get paid to travel? Yes, please! I will be working at the Ethel Lund Medical Center, helping to provide care for the Alaskan Natives. Right now, the plan is that I will be there for 8 weeks. I already have several adventures planned for while I am up there. Stay tuned here for pictures and stories of my adventures and see how I go about making life DIY!